Joint Commission

Completing the Statement of Conditions is a very difficult task that a Facility Manager or Safety Officer must furnish in preparing for a Joint Commission accreditation survey. The Statement of Conditions is a document that provides an overview of a facility’s compliance with the 2000 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and identifies Life Safety Code deficiencies and details the plan for corrective action. The SOC is a living document and needs to reflect an ongoing assessment of the Life Safety Code compliance of your facility.

The Joint Commission’s Life Safety Specialist surveys are turning the old 90-minute building tour into an all-day event for all hospitals. If your hospital is larger than 750,000 the Life Safety Code will be at your facility for 2 days.

There are three parts to the Statement of Conditions:

    • eBBI – Basic Building Information
    • Environment of Care Document
    • ePFI – Plan for Improvement

      Compliance with the Life Safety Code is required by the Joint Commission for the following facilities:

      • New and Existing Hospitals
      • New and Existing Ambulatory Surgery Centers
      • New and Existing Long Term Care Facilities
      • New and Existing Behavioral Health Care Facilities
      • New and Existing Residential Care Facilities
      • New and Existing Business Occupancies
      • New and Existing Dialysis Centers
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